Provider company – CHS Ltd

LPC introduction CHS

Dear LPC Colleagues,

Thank you for your patience in the last few weeks, during which the company has begun to find its feet.

We are proud to have been appointed, excited by the challenges ahead, and we look forward to working with you all, and your extended networks to deliver transformational change .

We will be inviting you over the next few months to our meetings to plan for your services in your LPC localities. Our contact details are below, so if you need urgent assistance with any of your services coming to their contractual expiry date, then please feel free to get in touch. We aim to produce a sustainable profitable company, and we hope to benefit from being a trusted partner with Local Pharmaceutical Committees. If you are happy to share with us your telephone number we’d be happy to keep it for future reference.

Let’s work together and demonstrate the value of our community pharmacy network

Len, Michelle, Bruce & new Director Simon

Or to contact a director personally simply use their first name