Update to NHSE Approved Particulars

On February 1st NHS England published updated Approved Particulars.

There are no significant changes compared to the previous Approved Particulars and no actions are required by community pharmacy contractors except for those relating to the

Pharmacy Practice Leaflet

The Pharmacy Practice Leaflet Approved Particulars have been updated to reflect changes to NHS structures and guidance on use of the NHS identity; the updated requirements for leaflets no longer refer to Primary Care Trusts or NHS Direct instead referring to NHS England and NHS 111. They are also now in line with the revised NHS identity guidance published in 2017.

PSNC is updating its Pharmacy Practice Leaflet template which will be available on the website soon. The Pharmacy Practice Leaflet Approved Particulars will take effect on 31st July 2018, so contractors will need to update their leaflets over the next six months, so they have a revised leaflet available for patients by 31st July 2018.

Please find below information on Approved Particulars documents which have recently been updated and published on NHS England website.

Approved particulars

This is the link to the above documents https://www.england.nhs.uk/commissioning/primary-care/pharmacy/pharmacy-resources/