EPS & Repeat Prescriptions: Patient Choice and Consent

EPS & Repeat Prescriptions: Patient Choice and Consent

March 9, 2019

Across the West Midlands region LPCs are being asked to provide information and support around repeat prescriptions and patient nominations.

Relevant guidance on repeat prescriptions and EPS  nominations are below; the documents were drawn up after consultation between LPCs and our local Team.

NHSE: Patient choice EPS and DSP

NHSE: DSP Fact Sheet final – West Midlands AT

LPCs strongly suggest pharmacies review their procedures around repeat and EPS prescriptions and ensure they comply fully with the guidance.  Pharmacy must be seen to be acting in accordance with guidance and, above all, in patients’ interests.

The Information Commissioner’s Office would become involved where confidentiality has been breached.

Patient Complaints
NHSE document states:  If you are aware of a situation where the right of patients to choose where their prescriptions are dispensed is being influenced we would encourage you to advise affected patients to make a complaint to NHS England via: england.contactus@nhs.net



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