Cumbria LPC and 2014-16 Strategy

Your Local Pharmaceutical Committee

What is the role of LPCs?

Regulations under the NHS Act require NHS England to consult LPCs on matters such as market entry and local enhanced services so giving certain powers to LPCs.

The Act also provides that NHS England may deduct money (the LPC levy) from the remuneration of contractors represented by the LPC to defray the committees’ administrative expenses.

The LPC constitution sets out the duties of the LPC that include representing their contractors in local and national consultations relevant to pharmacy contractors; making representations to NHS England, Health and Well Being Boards and PSNC; providing support, resources and guidance to pharmacy contractors; and ensuring committee business is carried out effectively and efficiently.

LPCs may also provide support to contractors on contract compliance and monitoring, market entry and support local enhanced services and where appropriate other locally commissioned services; promote local pharmacy through local public relations and lobbying to create an environment for community pharmacy to flourish.

LPCs are therefore committees with statutory powers and are highly influential. They are a local leadership body representing, promoting and supporting the community pharmacies that they serve.


Aim is to optimise the professional and financial opportunities for community pharmacy practices for the benefit of patients in line with the local strategic plan.

The committee will help to identify opportunities within the Cumbria CCG, County Council and the new health and social care structures to create new service and funding opportunities for community pharmacy practices, utilising the Pharmacy Contractual framework.

We will focus our activity to achieve:

  • effective participation in local commissioning;
  • effective representation with stakeholders;
  • effective engagement with support and training for community pharmacies and community pharmacy staff

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Cumbria LPC can be contacted through the local office at:

Suite 5E, Lakeland Business Park

Lamplugh Rd, Cockermouth Cumbria CA13 0QT

Telephone and Fax No – 01900 821703