National Flu Vaccination Service



Pharmoutcomes flu service is now available on your services page.

Please note that you will have to ENROL on the service, and this is only possible once you have downloaded and completed your flu DECLARATION OF COMPETENCE from ‘my CPPE’ AND ticked the box on the flu DoC page to indicate that you have signed it.

Flu-Vaccination-Service-specification 2015 please read

National Flu Service PGD 2015  please read and sign

Register your pharmacy as a flu service provider with the NHS BSA

Each month you can print a summary of your vaccinations using Pharmoutcomes and claim using the Flu vaccination claim form (Flu_vaccination_claim_form_v1_0) which is sent off with your script bundle.

Further information out shortly, but remember that many queries can be answered by visiting the flu section of the PSNC website.


Flu advanced service Declaration of Competence document 2015

 Adrenaline Pathway rev 2013

NHS Cumbria Infection Control Policy 2011-13

Flu_Tips final

‘Flu Vaccine Excipients

‘Flu Side Effect Card

Needle Stick Incident Flowchart v2 10122014