LPC News 28th Oct 2015

Transfer of Care 
Please find attached information regarding the Transfer of Care service due to be introduced in North Cumbria Hospitals from November 2015. Please ensure all your staff are aware of this information.

Transfer of Care information for pharmacies 011115

TOC PharmOutcomes screenshots community pharmacy
Health Living Pharmacy Accreditation Visits
Pharmacies working towards HLP status will soon be contacted regarding Health Living Pharmacy accreditation visits. If your pharmacy has been working toward becoming a HLP pharmacy and completing the criteria set out in the Cumbria Prospectus, you will have no problems achieving HLP kite mark. Cumbria County Council locality managers will accompany the LPC development manager on the visits. These are due to be scheduled for the last week in November / first two weeks of December.
HLP Wave 3
We have another opportunity to train more staff to become HLP leaders and champions. If you or your staff are interested please complete the HLP Wave 3 form –HLP Wave 3
Stay Well this Winter Campaign
Stay Well this Winter packs will be delivered to pharmacies in England in November.
This link contains a great video – Find out more about flu vaccines
This pack will contain:
– 1 x A4 poster to encourage customers to get their flu jab.
– 1 x A4 poster with general advice on Stay Well This Winter.
– 1 x A4 poster to encourage customers to get prescriptions collected or delivered before GPs and pharmacies close for Christmas.
– 3 x badges for staff to wear to encourage customers to speak to the team and seek advice.
– 2 x shelf wobblers to be placed by relevant winter health products.
– 1 x strut card to be placed on the counter by your till to encourage customers to seek advice.
Please support to get the campaigns messages out at all your patients.
Stay Well in Winter information contains a great video about flu vaccinations.
Stop Smoking
Due to some problems receiving continuation prescriptions for varenicline, a continuation letter has been added to the Stop Smoking section of Cumbria LPC website.
CD Reporting and Destruction
Updated reporting controlled drug incidents and destructions information Reporting_controlled_drug_incidents_and_destructions
Updated Minor Ailments Service Formulary and Prescribing Notes Oct 15 has been added to Cumbria LPC website
Health Checks
As part of the service external quality assurance costs will be deduced from November Cumbria County Council claim. Deduction on your statement will show as – EQA Annual Fee- £100


If for any reason your pharmacy has not recorded all the flu vaccinations you have carried out this season on Pharmoutcomes could you please complete the form which we have put on Pharmoutcomes today. It’s a very simple ‘how many vaccinations have you done which you have NOT recorded on Pharmoutcomes?’ form, though it also asks for your split between over 65s and under.You will have to do one for September, and again at the end of each month until the end of the flu season.

The LPCs in the region use the information we get from Pharmoutcomes to demonstrate to NHS England locally how well pharmacies do at this service (hard to believe, but they do not have this information themselves!) – in the hope that it will be useful in generating more services like this. We obviously want a complete picture, so if for any reason you have decided to revert to a fax or paper only notification system could you please complete the Pharmoutcomes form.

Please do not enter any vaccinations that you have already recorded on Pharmoutcomes though! We do not want any double counting.