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Published on: 22nd June 2020 | Updated on: 7th April 2022

GP Connect is an NHS Digital managed service that currently allows GP practices and certain other authorised clinical staff to share and view certain appointments information, electronic health records information and data between IT systems.

It uses standards that enable interoperability between different clinical systems (e.g. it can facilitate collaborative work of two sets of GP practice staff that use two different GP systems).

COVID-19 update: NHS Digital announced that during the pandemic GP Connect sharing was expanded so that staff (including GP practice staff and NHS 111 clinicians), had greater access to necessary information. The arrangements will be reviewed later in case such arrangements will be further extended.

NHS Digital also continues to explore how GP Connect information might be made available to other authorised healthcare professionals for cases when it is needed.


GP Connect functionality includes:

  • Access Record: HTML which allows you to view a patient’s GP practice record
  • Appointment Management which lets you share and manage appointments

There are plans to further build on such functionalities that can enable sharing of other and richer appropriate information to support the delivery of healthcare.


GP Connect has so far enabled:

  • 97% of GP practices within England to be able to share appointments information with each other
  • the ‘Access Record (HTML)’ feature to be used more than 2.7 million times to support patients’ health care.

Patient info

NHS Digital have published onto their website patient-facing information about GP Connect.

Supplier integration progress

The GP Systems of Choice and GP IT Futures suppliers are integrating or working towards integration with GP Connect (i.e. SystmOne (TPP), EMIS, Vision (InPS) and Evolution (Microtest)).

Pharmacy systems are not yet integrating with GP Connect application programming interfaces (APIs).

Information for pharmacy system suppliers and other developers can be found within the section below.


Information and specifications for developers of system suppliers is found at the NHS Digital website.

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Further info

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Getting involved: If you work within pharmacy and wish to feed comments into future standards or GP Connect please contact with ‘standards’ or ‘GP Connect’ within the subject title.



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