Quick reference guides

Quick reference guides

PSNC produces guidance documents on a variety of topics and we have put these all in one place so you can find what you need more easily.


Endorsement Guidance

Pharmacies can claim various fees for dispensing certain products: some are automatically applied and some require endorsement. We have produced guides relating to general endorsements, unlicensed specials and imports, methadone and instalment dispensing endorsements, and EPS release 2 endorsements.

Click here for our endorsing guides.


Prescription Payment and Pricing Accuracy Factsheets

Pharmacy contractors are paid in accordance with an automated pricing system which uses high-speed scanning equipment and intelligent character recognition software. PSNC’s Pricing Audit Centre conducts independent checks to verify the accuracy of the pricing of prescriptions. We have produced some factsheets on Prescription Payment and Pricing Accuracy, relating to the work carried out by the Pricing Authority to price prescription bundles.

Click here for our payment factsheets.

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