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The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) enables prescriptions to be sent electronically from the GP practice to the pharmacy and then on to the Pricing Authority for payment.

It has been deployed through two key releases. Release 1 (R1) in which the barcoded paper prescription form remains the legal prescription.

Release 2 which supports the transmission of electronic prescriptions; eRD (Electronic Repeat Dispensing); patient nomination of their selected pharmacy; GP cancellation of e-prescriptions; and the electronic submission of reimbursement claims to the Pricing Authority. Currently, prescriber’s can only issue an electronic NHS prescription where it is being sent electronically to a patient’s nominated pharmacy.

NHS oversight

NHS Digital manage the national infrastructure for a variety of NHS IT projects. From a community pharmacy perspective, the role of NHS Digital in managing the national infrastructure for the Electronic Prescription Service is the most high profile part of their service offerings.

Read more at: NHS and IT/EPS


EPS/eRD stats (NHS Digital) updated weekly. This includes a link to the EPS utilisation dashboard which in turn includes some stats about:

  • eRD utilisation at national, and regional level; and
  • Phase 4 utilisation.

EPS nomination stats – As part of ongoing work, PSNC and NHS Digital begun publishing EPS nomination data for all pharmacies. NHS Digital publishes nomination changes each week. PSNC also publishes some extra nomination analysis.

Further eRD (Electronic Repeat Dispensing) regional stats (instructions: login as guest, then under ‘Report’ select ‘Prescribing Monitoring’, then ‘Repeat Dispensing (in EPS Items)’.

See more statistics at: EPS/IT statistics



Dispensing & Supply (EPS)

Controlled Drugs (EPS)


EPS/IT contingency planning


EPS submission

Submitting EPS within time

Real-time Exemption Checking (RTEC)


Funding & allowances


System suppliers

Phase 4 (rollout plans and tips for usage)


Items relating to EPS future:

  • Views on the next generation of EPS. This list has been developed and collated by CP ITG and incorporates pharmacy team feedback and future versions can continue to do so. If you require further information about the list or items on it, or you work within a community pharmacy and want to suggest changes, please contact it@psnc.org.uk.
  • System supplier enhancements – There is great flexibility for suppliers to be able to continue developing their systems to support their pharmacy clients.
  • Contributing ideas regarding Smartcards / access control future – Pilots are in progress in whch tablets are being used for SCR access without the need for Smartcards
  • Non-NHS RAs – Following a change to policy to permit non-NHS organisations to host Registration Authorities (RA) for the issue of smartcards, information and guidance is expected to be issued shortly by the NHS Digital to invite organisations to apply to become a pilot RA.
  • Online repeat prescription ordering
  • ‘Spine2’ developments – The Spine was brought under NHS Digital control back in 2014, and since then there has been increased flexibility for changes with EPS functionality. Since the transition to Spine 2, system suppliers have had the opportunity to introduce claim amend and positive acknowledgements.

See also Pharmacy IT future.



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