How to avoid EPS data loss – backing up

How to avoid EPS data loss – backing up

Backing up data is essential since losing information from your local pharmacy system without a very-recent back-up could impact on:

  • Reimbursement: Loss of locally held data is critical as there could be risk of payment delays if there is a loss of electronic prescription information before reimbursement claims have been submitted to the Pricing Authority;
  • Data protection compliance – and meeting NHS information governance requirements;
  • Workload for pharmacy staff; and
  • Customer service for patients – the quality of service may be reduced. [/showhide]

Options to back-up

Different PMR system suppliers may offer different back-up solutions including any or all of below:

  • Locally held – pharmacy-managed local daily back-up on to disk or USB stick;
  • Centrally managed solutions that support automated secure storage of back-up information at an off-site location every evening; or
  • Monitoring controls which might issue alerts if back-ups are not made within a defined time period.

System suppliers are best placed to advise on the options available and the appropriate solution for an individual pharmacy’s business circumstances. It is worth spending some time to review whether your current solution is still sufficient.

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