Preparing for EPS

Preparing for EPS

From choosing a system and arranging staff training to engaging with GP practice staff and considering how best to communicate with patients, it is important to understand how to deliver EPS Release 2 smoothly. This section of the site includes a summary of key areas to consider.


  1. R1-R2: Upgrade EPS from Release 1 to 2
  2. PMR supplier selection
  3. N3 selection – negotiating points relating to the connectivity you choose for using the online NHS network.
  4. Smartcards – obtaining
  5. Stationery for EPS – obtaining
  6. Business change sessions when GPs go live
  7. Planning with GPs
  8. Business continuity planning
  9. Monthly allowance – apply to receive this
  10. Staff training
  11. NHS Choices – check info so patients can nominate your pharmacy.


  1. Spine alerts – Sign-up to these so you’re made aware if there are national EPS issues.
  2. Smartcard sponsors/unlockers – get a pharmacy team member assigned these roles to resolve issues later
  3. Patient communications – prepare these to help patients understand EPS.
  4. Patient nominations – setting and changing
  5. Working with GPs – refining EPS processes (regular scheduled meetings will be useful where possible)
  6. Refining your Business continuity plan for when there are issues
  7. Refining staff’s EPS knowledge

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