GPs going live with EPSR2

GPs going live with EPSR2

It is important for pharmacies to be aware when local GPs are going live with EPS R2

GPs requirements before they ‘go live’ with R2

To go live with R2, GP practices must have:

  • An adequate system: access to a R2-enabled GP system (‘full roll-out authority’, a list of these can be viewed here).
  • Local NHS England team approved application form: an application form submitted to the relevant team to approve. The application can be submitted by the GP practice, the GP’s CCG or by the GP’s local support organisation responsible for providing GP IT support services on behalf of the CCG (e.g. CSU or Health Informatics Service).

8-week process for GPs going live

To ensure dispensers are given enough notice of applications should be submitted at least 8 weeks before a proposed ‘go-live’ date. This allows local pharmacies affected by a deployment to obtain tokens and working smartcards. The applicant applying for the GP to go live must confirm on their application form that relevant LPCs have been engaged as part of the deployment process. The local NHS England team will reject the application if one or more of the following reasons apply:

  • The proposed go-live date provides less than 8-weeks’ notice;
  • The applicant has not confirmed that relevant LPCs have been engaged or;
  • Smartcards and dispensing tokens (FP10DTs) are not available for all nearby pharmacies.

Without approval from the local NHS England team, the GP practice will be unable to obtain an ‘end point’ (the central technical switch allowing R2 at that site).

The process will enable a GP practice to go-live for up to two weeks after the planned date. However, if an R2 prescription has not been issued by this time, the ‘end point’ will be removed and another application must be made, ensuring that there is again 8-weeks’ notice for a newly proposed date.

Planned deployment information can be reached online using updated NHS Digital resources; the deployment map or via a downloadable Excel list can be found there.

NHS Digital contacts LPCs each week providing details of pharmacies in a locality that may be affected by planned go-lives.

Business change workshop

Attending local business change workshops can help pharmacy teams and GP practice staff get to grips with EPS before the GP ‘goes live’ with the system.

Learn more in this NHS Digital produced factsheet:

EPS Factsheet - Business Change Session (HSCIC)

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