EPS top tips

EPS top tips

NHS Digital has published new EPS case studies, with pharmacy teams from Bath, Bristol, Cleethorpes and Leeds sharing their views of EPS.

A tech-savvy pharmacy manager at Birmingham’s Chemist in Cleethorpes successfully embedded EPS into their training and processes. Every new member of their team is provided with a mentor, who is responsible for training and shadowing them until EPS is fully understood.

Pharmacist Dr. Jane Wilkins from Living Care Pharmacy, Leeds said “Kim is our branch EPS champion and staff will often go to her for guidance. If she doesn’t know the answers, then she will contact our system supplier for help.” Jane also arranges GP meetings and helps the practice with problems they may have. She believes that the communication between the pharmacy and GP practices helps the whole process.

Lloyds Pharmacy in Stockwood, Bristol shared some of their top EPS tips such as:

  • Read the standard operating procedures and visit a good EPS user at least three weeks prior to your go-live date – to refresh your knowledge.
  • If there is a system error, report it immediately to your IT service desk and contact your surgeries.
  • Use the prescription tracker! You can trace where a prescription is and it is very useful.
  • Get nominations in and on the system straight away.”

Find out more at psnc.org.uk/eps, and have your whole pharmacy team sign up for your local free EPS masterclass.

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