Tokens (EPS)

Tokens (EPS)

Paper copies that are printed to accompany electronic prescriptions are known as ‘tokens’.

There are two types of token: (1) the prescription token and (2) the dispensing token.

Both types are simply paper copies of the prescription details contained within the electronic prescription and neither can be used to dispense prescription items without the corresponding electronic prescription.

The barcode on the tokens can be scanned to retrieve the electronic prescription from the spine.

The different types of token

Prescription token

Prescription Tokens (issued by GP)

Dispensing token

Dispensing Tokens (issued by dispenser)

EPS tokens factsheet

Click here to download a factsheet about EPS tokens which explains what they look like, and how to recognise the different types.

Ordering tokens

Primary Care Support England (PCSE) deliver various stationery for community pharmacies – including EPS dispensing tokens. Use their online portal to request tokens. If required there is an escalation procedure.

Submitting tokens

Along with paper prescriptions, certain prescribing/dispensing tokens should also be submitted to the Pricing Authority – please visit this page for more information.

For more on EPS submission, please visit this page.

Disposing of tokens 

Contractors are not required to keep those tokens which do not need to be sent to the Pricing Authority. These can therefore be disposed of in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the pharmacy team’s processes.

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