EPS prescription tokens (issued by GP)

EPS prescription tokens (issued by GP)

Prescription tokens are printed on prescription form FP10SS by the prescriber. Standard text will be printed automatically in the signature box to prevent the prescriber from signing the prescription token.

Prescription tokens will be issued in different situations depending on the stage of rollout of Release 2. For the time being, electronic NHS prescriptions can only be issued:

Required to be issued by GP

Q. Which tokens are prescribers required to print prescription tokens?
A. They are required to provide a token to the patient when authorising a repeatable prescription (repeat dispensing) and a Phase 4 prescription.

Issued by GP

Phase 4 prescription tokens

GP practices piloting Phase 4  will issue EPS Phase 4 prescription tokens.

Non-Phase 4 prescription tokens

Prescribers have the option to provide a token to the patient where they have nominated a dispensing site, for example where the patient requests a copy of the prescribed information or if the prescriber believes it is helpful to provide this to the patient for example to signal the end of a consultation.

Where an electronic prescription is being sent to a patient’s nominated dispensing contractor and the prescriber chooses to give the patient a prescription token, the right hand side of the token will include the name and address of the patient’s nominated dispensing contractor. This will help to ensure that the patient always knows who they have nominated.

If the patient brings their prescription token to their nominated pharmacy, the barcode can be scanned to ‘pull down’ the electronic prescription, supporting efficient processes within the pharmacy. If the patient goes to a pharmacy other than their nominated pharmacy, if the prescription has not already been pulled down to their nominated pharmacy’s local system, the prescription can still be accessed.

Sending tokens to the Pricing Authority

The prescription token (or dispensing token) should be sent to the Pricing Authority where it has been used:

  • to capture the exemption signature (where this applies to a reason other than age); or
  • because the patient has paid a charge.

Such tokens are sent for audit purposes only, because pricing is made against electronically submitted R2 messages and the exemption category applied to the electronic prescription.

See here for further information.


Q. The prescriber has signed the token; does this make it a legal NHS prescription?
No. If the prescriber has signed the prescription token, it cannot be treated as a legal NHS prescription as the form is not approved for this use by the NHS. A contractor would be reimbursed for dispensing against the electronic prescription, not the token. To minimise the risk of a prescriber signing the token, the signature box on the token will be over-written by the prescribing system to state that the token should not be used as a prescription.

Prescription token

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