Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) sitemap

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) sitemap

EPS overview

EPS overview

Who’s responsible for EPS delivery?
EPS stats
Who benefits most from EPS?
Items/scope EPS covers
Dispensing sites which can be nominated by patients

Preparing for and enhancing use of EPS

Preparing/enhancing (EPS) home


R1: Intro to EPS Release 1 (barcoded prescriptions)
R1-R2: Upgrade EPS from Release 1 to 2
PMR supplier selection
N3 selection – negotiating points relating to the connectivity you choose for using the online NHS network.
Smartcards – obtaining
Stationery for EPS – obtaining
Business change sessions when GPs go live
Planning with GPs
Business continuity planning
Monthly allowance
– apply to receive this
Staff training
NHS Choices – check info
so patients can nominate your pharmacy.


Spine alerts – Sign-up to these so you’re made aware if there are national EPS issues.
Smartcard sponsors/unlockers
– get a pharmacy team member assigned these roles to resolve issues later
Patient communications – prepare these to help patients understand EPS.
Patient nominations – setting and changing

Working with GPs – refining EPS processes (regular scheduled meetings will be useful where possible)
Refining your Business continuity plan for when there are issues
Refining staff’s EPS knowledge

Dispensing & supply via EPS

Business continuity (preventing and resolving issues)

Business continuity (EPS) home

Business continuity
Working with GPs
to prevent issues by making continuity plan
Split prescriptions – avoid these
Medicine database issues – Medicinal items must be mapped against NHS medicine database
Reporting EPS issues
Token printing problems
– overcome/prevent the issue
Technical failure
if scripts do not appear
Tracker of EPS scripts
Locating a missing prescription
Failure points – understand potential EPS failure points
EPS service status checker webpage
Data loss
– avoid EPS prescription data loss by regularly backing up
Spine alerts – Sign-up to these so you’re made aware if there are national EPS issues
Reporting EPS issues
Refining your business continuity plan
Smartcards – Temp Access Cards
– ensure you have these if they are needed
Smartcard sponsors/unlockers – get a pharmacy team member assigned these roles to resolve issues later
Working with GP on ongoing basis via regular calls
Software/hardware may be upgraded (speak with your supplier first)

Endorsing, submission, and reconciliation

Endorsing and submission (EPS) home

Exemption (apply patient exemption status onto the electronic message)
Claim message – sending
a prescription after it has been sent to the Pricing Authority
Acknowledgement messages
that EPS prescription messages were sent to Spine
Submission form
FP34C completion
Submitting prescriptions in time to BSA (before expiry)
Tokens – sending these to the Pricing Authority (note that the PA do not look at these for pricing)
Disposing of tokens
Advance payment timescales and EPS
Schedule of payment EPS information
Reconciliation – declared vs priced items
Pricing accuracy
How to avoid financial loss (expiry/exemption/backups)
Payments relating to EPS

Cancelling/Changing use of EPS

Future development of EPS

Key EPS topics

Using EPS
Patient Nomination
System Suppliers
Funding and allowances


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