Endorsing, submission and reconciliation (EPS)

Endorsing, submission and reconciliation (EPS)

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Release 2 supports the electronic submission of prescriptions to the Pricing Authority for reimbursement. Only electronic prescriptions can be sent to the Pricing Authority for reimbursement therefore until the regulations change, initially it will only be those prescriptions that have been sent to a patient’s nominated pharmacy that should be forwarded to the Pricing Authority electronically for reimbursement.

To support the electronic submission of prescriptions for reimbursement, there were a number of changes to the arrangements for endorsing and submitting prescriptions for pricing.


  1. Endorsing
  2. Exemption (apply patient exemption status onto the electronic message)
  3. Claim message – sending
  4. Recalling/amending a prescription after it has been sent to the Pricing Authority
  5. Acknowledgement messages that EPS prescription messages were sent to Spine
  6. Submission form FP34C completion
  7. Submitting prescriptions in time to BSA (before expiry)
  8. Tokens – sending these to the Pricing Authority (note that the PA do not look at these for pricing)
  9. Disposing of tokens
  10. Advance payment timescales and EPS
  11. Schedule of payment EPS information
  12. Reconciling totals of declared items compared to priced ones
  13. Look-up of a single prescription
  14. Returns
  15. Pricing accuracy
  16. How to avoid financial loss (expiry/exemption/backups)
  17. Payments (EPS)


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