EPS returns

EPS returns

Pricing Authority Resolving Issues

In some scenarios, the Pricing Authority return prescriptions or copies of prescriptions to pharmacy contractors where there is insufficient information on the prescription form to process the prescription. Initially, it will not be possible for the Pricing Authority to electronically return prescriptions submitted electronically. Pricing Authority staff may contact pharmacies by telephone to try and resolve issues that arise. Alternatively, the Pricing Authority will send a paper representation of the claim to the pharmacy so that amendments can be made and the paperwork sent back to the Pricing Authority. The return of electronically submitted prescriptions for clarification where required is an anticipated future enhancement of the service.

Frequently asked questions

Q. I dispensed an electronic prescription for a non-Part VIII generic last month. NHS Prescription Services Pricing Authority have just called me and asked about the invoice price for the dispensed product. Why have they done this?
A. Where NHS Prescription Services have insufficient information to process an electronic prescription, NHS Prescription Services staff will contact pharmacies by telephone or with a paper return. Early indications are that compared to paper prescriptions, significantly fewer items on electronic prescriptions require clarification. The most common reason for pharmacies to be contacted is where the prescription was for a non-Part VIII product and the prescription hasn’t been endorsed with the invoice price, where required, for example if it is less common and there is no price held by the Pricing Authority. One way to reduce the volume of these returns would be for system suppliers to ensure that where there is no indicative price for the dispensed product on dm+d, there is a system control to ensure an invoice price is entered before the prescription can be sent for reimbursement. This is an area for pharmacies to discuss with their suppliers.

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