Sending tokens to the Pricing Authority

Sending tokens to the Pricing Authority

Along with paper prescriptions, prescribing/dispensing tokens needed should also be sent to the Pricing Authority.

Q. Which tokens should I send with the prescription bundle?

A. The tokens which should be sent to the Pricing Authority are those where:
• the exemption status has been captured (other than were the patient is age exempt i.e. aged under 16 or over 59); or
• if the patient has paid a charge.

These tokens are sent for audit purposes only.
NOTE: pricing is based solely on the exemption category assigned on the electronically submitted Relase 2 message. It is important to ensure that the correct exemption status is assigned to the patient PMR ahead of sending any electronic messages for claim.


Key points on sending tokens to the Pricing Authority

  • Timing: in the same month as the corresponding electronic prescriptions were electronically submitted.
  • Tick Box: Tick the ‘ETP Token for non-payment’ box on the FP34C Submission document when submitting tokens.
  • Sort at top separate from groups: should be secured into separate bundles and these bundles included at the top of the relevant groups (i.e. exempt or chargeable) along with the monthly submission of FP10 prescription forms.
  • Prescriber order? No requirement for sorting in prescriber order.

EPS Release 1 prescriptions do not need to be secured separately from other FP10 prescriptions as these are scanned for reimbursement purposes.

Tokens which do not need sending

Contractors are not required to keep those tokens which do not need to be sent to the Pricing Authority. These can therefore be disposed of in accordance with the Data Protection Act and the pharmacy team’s processes.

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