Reduce time entering patient demographic information into your PMR via Release 1

Reduce time entering patient demographic information into your PMR via Release 1

Through using the service, pharmacies can ensure that any remaining problems such as connectivity issues can be identified and resolved before the service becomes business critical in Release 2. If problems are identified in using the service, these must be reported to pharmacy system suppliers, ensuring the call reference number is recorded to support followup.

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Release 1 / Nomination Use Release 1 prescriptions where presented populates your PMR with patient information.

Reduce time entering patient information: A number of pharmacies have reported that it is time-consuming to manually enter patient demographic information (e.g. NHS number which is required for Release 2 to set nomination) to change a patient’s nomination setting on the system. The lesson learned is that if the pharmacy is using EPS Release 1, the patient’s details are automatically populated on the PMR system, significantly increasing the efficiency of the nomination process.

Some pharmacies have chosen to use EPS Release 1 to support undertaking a data cleansing exercise on their local records, identifying and removing duplicates records that may exist. Once the initial link has been made, it will save time when future electronic messages or electronic prescriptions are received.

 If your local GP surgery is not issuing bar-coded prescriptions, it is worth getting in contact with them to let them know that you are EPS R1 enabled and capable of processing EPS R1 prescriptions.

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