EPS R2 patient communication materials

EPS R2 patient communication materials

Communicating to patients

Regulations state* that contractors must explain Electronic Prescription Service Release 2 (EPS R2) to patients,

  • whether or not EPS is available at that pharmacy.
  • when it EPS is not available at the pharmacy, the pharmacist where they know, shall provide the patient with contact details of at least two nearby EPS R2-enabled pharmacies.

*National Health Service (Pharmaceutical and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013 

Patient information leaflet

A leaflet may help you explain EPS for patients. There are nationally developed leaflets such as:

  • a PSNC leaflet using NHS Digital suggested text can also be found here.

Patient video

Patients can be introduced to the service via a 90 second EPS patient video. The video is available to display on digital screens in waiting areas or on pharmacy websites.

Viewable at YouTube,

Developing your own EPS R2 communications

NHS Digital previously consented to the nationally produced patient information sheet being used as a template for local adaption. For locally produced EPS communication materials, pharmacies need to take care to ensure compliance with the NHS Brand guidelines if planning to use the NHS logo and the EPS Release 2 Design Style Guide if planning to use the EPS Release 2 device.

As part of the EPS Release 2 design style requirements, pharmacies should only use the EPS Release 2 device in promotional material if they are either operating or due to start operating EPS R2.

The NHS (Pharmaceutical and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013 require pharmacies to acknowledge in advertising material that NHS Essential and Advanced services are funded by the NHS – this requirement encompasses EPS.

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