Nomination and a change of circumstance

Nomination and a change of circumstance

A pharmacy’s ODS code (previously known as the OCS code, NACS code and F code) is used in a number of national NHS IT systems. When an electronic prescription is sent to a nominated pharmacy, the electronic message contains a flag with the ODS code of the nominated pharmacy. Only a pharmacy with a matching ODS code registered on their local system can pull down a message without the prescription ID number contained on a token. Where a dispensing site is changing ownership on a non-debts and liabilities basis, a change of ODS code is required (note this is the only scenario in which a new ODS code is required). Pharmacies in this situation should alert their pharmacy system supplier as early as possible; system suppliers can work with the NHS Digital to co-ordinate technical changes that enable pharmacies to access prescriptions that have been issued linked to the old or new code – ensuring continuity of care for patients.

Regardless of whether there is a change to the pharmacy ODS code, the National Health Service (Pharmaceutical and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013 (No. 349) requires the new owner to inform patients who had previously nominated the pharmacy that the ownership has changed and check that they wish to continue to nominate the pharmacy. This needs to be undertaken within the first 6 months of ownership.

For more on ensuring EPS runs smoothly (e.g. that Smartcards can be adjusted etc) in the event of change of circumstance see here.

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