Nomination reports

Nomination reports

As part of PSNC’s ongoing work to address the direction of prescriptions, PSNC and NHS Digital begun publishing EPS nomination data for all pharmacies.

Nomination data has been available from NHS Digital on request, but PSNC asked NHS Digital to publish it online on a weekly basis. PSNC has also agreed with NHS Digital to publish nomination data with additional analysis, including the number of active nominations for each contractor, the change compared to the previous total, and EPS dispensing data.

Publication of the data will allow pharmacy contractors and LPCs to identify any unusual patterns with the pharmacy’s EPS nominations. Where this may be as a result of direction of prescriptions, this weekly data will allow pharmacy contractors to spot and take prompt action to investigate the cause.

LPCs can use the filter option to isolate dispensers within their LPC area. Similarly multiples can use text filters to isolate results for their branches.

Most recent data:

Nomination data 2019 for June

(excel spreadsheet)

nomination data

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  • Weekly NHS Digital nomination data – report per contractor for this week and last week, is here.
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