Who benefits most from nomination?

Who benefits most from nomination?

Nomination is most suitable for patients who:

  • receive regular medication; and
  • who tend to collect their medication from the same pharmacy most of the time.

Patients on a repeat prescription collection service or existing repeat dispensing patients are ideal groups to discuss EPS and nomination with.

Benefits with nominating regular patients

A lesson learned from EPS R2 sites is that where pharmacies have captured large volumes of nominations prior to a local surgery going live, this has enabled staff to cement business process change early. Where low numbers of nominations are recorded, the re-education of staff to new processes has been slower.

Split prescriptions

Pharmacy teams can work with GPs to have a process in place to be able to identify patients who may have split prescriptions and ensure that affected patients are aware of the risks that nomination could create. Nomination may not be the best option for these patients. Despite the risks, if the patient still wants to nominate a pharmacy, an alternative solution is for prescribers to include a note in the electronic message to indicate that there is also an FP10 for the patient.

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