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Check34, available for registered users at, is an IT platform that enables contractors to access, view and interpret the prescription payment data they receive every month from the Pricing Authority. It will enable contractors to monitor their monthly prescription payments as notified on the monthly FP34 Schedule of Payment received from the Pricing Authority. It will also provide the sort of prescription data trend analysis which until now has only been available to larger companies with substantial IT resources.

A unique collaboration with the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) means all NPA members will gain access to the platform without paying a separate subscription fee.

Check34 has been developed by PSNC. The application uses data and processes derived from the prescription audit work that PSNC carries out on behalf of contractors.

Contractors who use Check34 will be able to view trends in a number of key performance indicators (KPIs) for their prescription business and look back at historical payment data. They will also, for the first time, be able to compare their individual performance against collated regional and national data.

Check34-script-switches-graphKPIs include:

  • Items dispensed per month
  • Average item value
  • Fees and drug costs
  • Switched prescriptions (incorrectly filed as exempt and not signed) and value of fees lost (see pictured example opposite)
  • Expensive items (value, number, % of total account)
  • Zero discount (value, number, % of total account)
  • MURs completed per month and in year to date
  • NMS completed per month and in year to date

Check34 Webinar

PSNC held a webinar in which Check34 Project Manager Patrick Grice and Head of Pricing Harpreet Chana demonstrated how you can use Check34 to analyse the performance of your prescription business. You can view the webinar here.


Q. How does Check34 work?

Users will see an easy to navigate dashboard when they first sign in (see picture below), and the KPIs will be shown graphically.


The graphs will have overlays to enable contractors to compare their performance with the national average and that of the nearest pharmacies to theirs geographically (see picture below). Companies with multiple branches can compare a branch performance to regional and/or company averages. For users who wish to use the information in other applications, any data that appears on the monthly FP34 (with the exception of local service fees) can be downloaded as a .csv or .xls file.


Q. Will Check34 help me to check the accuracy of my payments?

Check34 offers contractors the option of entering their monthly FP34C submission figures and reconciling these against those paid as shown by the Pricing Authority (PA) on that month’s FP34 schedule.

Discrepancies can be investigated through analysis of the KPIs and this may help to explain anomalies in monthly payment data. PSNC independently audits the pricing of individual monthly prescription batches (bundles) processed by the PA, using this information to correct any errors found and to work with the PA to improve pricing accuracy. In recent years pricing accuracy has significantly improved, but PSNC continues to audit bundles and to work with the PA on any issues identified. This work will continue, but Check34 will give contractors the tool they need to start thinking about their NHS payments in more detail as well, giving them a much clearer view of the payments being made to them and the trends underlying their dispensing business.

Q. How can I access Check34?

The NPA has entered into an arrangement with PSNC that means all NPA members in England will be offered the new service as part of their NPA subscription package for at least 12 months. The NPA plans to fast track member access to the new service with the aim of having all eligible pharmacies subscribed by autumn 2015. Thereafter their Check34 subscription will be renewed in line with their annual NPA subscription. NPA members should visit the NPA website at for more information.

The NPA also will be managing subscription sales for Check34 to non-NPA member pharmacies. Contact or call 0330 123 0190 for subscription rates and more information.

CCA members who wish to find out more about Check34 can email or contact the PSNC office on 0203 1220 813.


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