Common issues that can lead to pricing errors

Common issues that can lead to pricing errors


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Common sorting issues identified at PSNC’s Pricing Audit Centre that can lead to pricing errors are where items have not been included within the red separators provided with the  FP34C submission documentation from the Pricing Authority. These are as follows:

red sep



Common endorsement issues leading to pricing errors/missed payments are:

Area Reason why it is an issue
Endorsing Area

Pharmacy has made endorsements on the main body of the prescription. Endorsements can obscure the order – in the examples below the endorsement is printed partly over the quantity ordered which can lead to the quantity being misread.



Flavours Incorrect endorsing of multiple flavours when they have not been prescribed. 
Not Dispensed

Incomplete endorsing can lead to incorrect pricing of products, fees and patient charges. In the examples below, not dispensed items should also be crossed through in the prescribing area.



Specials & Imports – Sourcing Fee

SP has not been endorsed/ SP endorsed on an ineligible product. SP must be endorsed for expenses to be paid against a special.



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