Monthly payments

Monthly payments

This section contains detailed information on the payments made to NHS community pharmacies by the Pricing Authority. The Schedule of Payments is the document which provides pharmacy contractors with a detailed breakdown of reimbursement for drugs and appliances provided against NHS prescriptions as well as the fees paid for dispensing these items and providing related services. It also gives details of the other monthly remuneration payments that pharmacies receive.


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Timing of monthly payments

The below diagram illustrates the payment timescale for items dispensed in the month of April.

Schedule Payment Timings

The prescriptions must be submitted to the NHS Pricing Authority for pricing before the 5th of May. The contractor will then receive an advance payment in early June, based on an estimated 100% of the total payment for items dispensed in the month of April. In early July, the contractor will receive the payment for the priced prescriptions and advance will be recovered.

Therefore, each monthly payment is comprised of components relating to different dispensing months, as outlined below:

Payment made In Recovery of Advance From Total of Account for Advance for
May Feb prescriptions Feb prescriptions March prescription
June March prescriptions March prescriptions April prescriptions
July April prescriptions April prescriptions May prescription

For earlier advance payments see here.

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