Monthly payments

Monthly payments

This section contains detailed information on the payments made to NHS community pharmacies by the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA).

The Schedule of Payments is a document which provides contractors with a summary breakdown of reimbursement for drugs and appliances provided against NHS prescriptions including the fees payable for any additional NHS services provided for example, Advanced Services and any locally authorised payments from your NHS England Area team. Pharmacy contractors can expect to receive their Schedule of Payment from NHSBSA 5 working days before the payment date.


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Summary of new payments including claiming deadlines

Payment type Claim method
(deadline to claim for payment)
Payment due Payment amount How payment will appear on the Schedule of Payments under section of ‘Details of other amounts authorised’
Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2021/22
MYS (between 31st January 2022 (opens at 9am) and 25th February 2022 (closes at 11:59pm))
1st April 2022

Maximum value of £135.50 per point

Minimum value of £67.75 per point 

Points based system dependent on:

  • their total prescription volume in 2020/21;
  • which Domains are claimed for; and
  • whether they are a PCN lead or non-PCN lead.
‘Pharmacy Quality Scheme’
Appliance Use Review (AUR) End of month submission form (MYS or paper) Monthly

£25 –  AUR conducted on pharmacy premises

£54 – AUR carried out in a patient’s home

‘Appliance use reviews carried out at patients home’

‘Appliance use reviews carried out at premises’

under section titled ‘Prescription Fees’

Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS)
(by the 5th day of the following month)
Monthly £14 (no VAT applicable) for each completed referral ‘CPCS Remuneration Payment’
COVID-19 Lateral Flow Device Distribution Service – Set-Up Fee MYS One-off payment £250 + VAT ‘COVID Test Kit Set up Fee’
COVID-19 Lateral Flow Device Distribution Service
(by the 5th day of the following month) Appropriate payments, will correspond to the weekly reporting cycle, on the same payment date as other payments for NHS Pharmaceutical Services

From 4th October 2021 onwards

£1.70 + an allowance for VAT per transaction – where a collect code has been provided


£1.20 + an allowance for VAT per transaction using the anonymous collection route

Up until and including 3rd October 2021

£1.50 + an allowance for VAT per transaction

‘COVID Testing Kit’
COVID-19 Vaccinations MYS Monthly

£12.58 is paid for each vaccination given

Additional £10.00 payment per vaccine for housebound and care home patients

‘Covid Vaccine Claim’
Discharge Medicines Service (DMS) MYS Monthly ‘Discharge Medicine Review Fee’
Flu Vaccination Service MYS (claims for the 2021/22 flu season will be accepted by the NHSBSA within six months of administration of the vaccination or by 31st August 2022, whichever date is earlier) Monthly

£9.58 for each vaccine administered


The basic price (list price) of the individual vaccine administered and an allowance at the applicable VAT rate.

‘Flu Remuneration Payment’ for fees

‘Flu Reimbursement Payment’ for the cost of the vaccines

Hepatitis C Testing Service MYS
(by the 5th day of the following month after completion of a test)
Monthly in the same payment month as other payments for NHS Pharmaceutical Services. This service will continue until 31st March 2022 £36 per test performed ‘Hep C Provision of Testing Service’
Hepatitis C Testing Service – Point of Care Test (POCT) kit MYS
(by the 5th day of the following month after completion of a test)
Monthly in the same payment month as other payments for NHS Pharmaceutical Services. This service will continue until 31st March 2022 Cost of the POCT kit at manufacturer’s list price + VAT ‘Hep C Test Kit Reimbursement’
Hypertension Case-Finding Service
MYS Monthly

£440 set-up fee (one-off payment)

£15 for each clinic check

£45 for each ambulatory monitoring

An incentive fee of £1,000 will be available if 5 ABPM interventions are provided in 2021/22. This will change in 2022/23

‘CVD Hypertension set up fee’

‘CVD Hypertension Incentive’

‘CVD Hypertension check and ABPM fee’

New Medicine Service (NMS) End of month submission form (MYS or paper) Monthly Between £20 and £28 for each completed NMS provided depending on the total number of patients who receive the service in the month and whether any target has been achieved based on the monthly prescription volume of the pharmacy ‘New medicine service’ under section titled ‘Prescription Fees’
Pandemic Delivery Service (Essential service)* Automatic Monthly

Self-isolating patients only (from 1st April 2021 onwards) as confirmed by NHS Test and Trace (for the 10-day self-isolation period). This service will continue until 31st March 2022
Paid on the same line as ‘Transitional Payment’. It will show as a total figure
Pandemic Delivery Service (Advanced service)* MYS
(by the 5th day of the following month)
Monthly – service currently extended until 31st March 2022 for all people notified of the need to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace (for the 10-day self-isolation period) living in England £6 (including VAT) per delivery Payment will be listed as ‘Additional advance payment’ under section titled ‘Summary of Payment Amounts’
Pharmacy Earlier Payment Scheme (PEPS) – transitional arrangements
Automatic for all PEPS contractors who did not opt out of PEPS transition arrangements

1st November 2021 – Bridging payment

1st December 2021 – recovery of bridging payment starts (this is spread over 11 months)

1st November 2021 – One-off bridging payment based on 92% of the final PEPS payment received on 1st October 2021

1st December 2021 – 30th September 2022 – one-off bridging payment recovered in equal parts over 11

Bridging payment will be paid directly to PEPS contractors and will not appear on the Schedule of Payments

Bridging payment recovery – ‘PEPS Transition Recovery’


Stoma Appliance Customisation (SAC)
Automatically based on qualifying Part IXC Drug Tariff products Monthly £4.32 is paid per qualifying* Part IXC item dispensed, regardless of whether customisation was required Payment will be listed as ‘Stoma customisation’ under section titled ‘Prescription Fees’

*Excludes distance -selling pharmacies

Services where the claim deadline has expired

Payment type Payment due Payment amount How payment will appear on the Schedule of Payments under section of ‘Details of other amounts authorised’
Pharmacy Quality Scheme 2021/22 – Aspiration payment
1st December 2021 70% of the number of points within the band in which contractors are placed (the Aspiration Payment does not include the extra points that can be earned for being the Pharmacy PCN Lead). The value of each point for the aspiration payment is set at £67.75 (i.e. the minimum value of a point for PQS 2021/22).
NHSBSA has published a spreadsheet detailing the banding that pharmacies have been put into for PQS 2021/22
‘Pharmacy Quality Scheme’
COVID-19 Costs
(incurred between 1 March 2020 – 31 March 2021 for the delivery of NHS pharmaceutical services)
1st October 2021

Contractors could claim for the following:

1. Additional staff costs due to COVID-19

2. Costs incurred to make premises COVID-19 secure

3. IT and communication costs to support home working and virtual patient contact; and

4. Notified closures for infection control purposes (maximum 14 days)

Reimbursement will appear as: ‘Reimbursement of Covid-19 costs’

Adjustment will appear as:
‘Reimbursement of Covid-19 costs adj’

Recovery will appear as:
‘Recovery of 20/21 Covid-19 Cash Advance’

CPCS –GP referral pathway engagement and set up Payments depended on when the claim was submitted by a contractor and processed and verified by the NHSBSA £300 engagement and setup payment if contractors undertook a range of actions to get ready for rolling out the referral pathway in their area by 30th June 2021 ‘GP Referral Pathway Engagement Fee’
COVID-19 Lateral Flow Device Distribution Service Early Sign-Up Fee Registrations made from 29th March – 31st March 2021 were paid on 1st June 2021. Registrations made from 1st – 18th April 2021 were paid on 1st July 2021 £200 + VAT Early sign-up fee (providing contractor signed up before 11:59pm on 18th April 2021) COVID Test Kit Registration Fee
Pandemic Delivery Service (Essential service)* Monthly – the service was extended until 31st March 2021 for all clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) patients living in England Paid on the same line as ‘Transitional Payment’. It will show as a total figure
Pandemic Delivery Service (Essential service)* Monthly – service extended until 31st March for all clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV) patients living in England

Payment bands up to end of February 2021

Paid on the same line as ‘Transitional Payment’. It will show as a total figure
Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) 2020/21 Part 2 1st April 2021 The funding was divided between qualifying pharmacies based on the number of points they have achieved up to a maximum £96 per point. Each point had a minimum value of £48, based on all pharmacy contractors achieving maximum points ‘Total of other amounts authorised’
Discharge Medicines Service (DMS) set up fee 1st April 2021 Set-up fee of £400 covered the costs of preparing to provide the service, principally training staff and putting in place a standard operating procedure for the service. Any pharmacy on the pharmaceutical list on 1st February 2021 automatically received this payment ‘Discharge Medicine Review Fee’
PPE claims (standard) PPE claims (standard) Payments depended on when the claim was submitted by a contractor and processed and verified by the NHSBSA. November 2020 Schedule of Payments which was paid on 1st February 2021 was the first available Schedule to include payments for PPE ‘PPE Claims’
PPE claims (exceptional) As above Depends on amounts claimed ‘PPE Claims’

Timing of monthly payments

Early advance payment

Pharmacy teams should note that from November 2021, all community pharmacy contractors will have the chance to receive earlier advance payments, following agreement between PSNC and the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).  Advance payments will be made approximately 20 days earlier than the current payment timetable for contractors who make their monthly FP34C submissions through the Manage Your Service (MYS) portal by the 5th of the month.

The 100% advance payments (for early and current timetables) will continue to be based on the items declared on the FP34C and the latest available Average Item Value (AIV) for that pharmacy, less the value of prescription charges declared on the submission document. Contractors using MYS for submissions must print off the populated FP34C from the portal and dispatch it alongside their bundle of paper prescriptions. No advance payment will be received for very late FP34C submissions (using either MYS or paper). The final reconciliation payment date remains unchanged i.e. this will be paid on the 1st working day of the month approximately two months after contractors have submitted the appropriate FP34C form and prescriptions for pricing.

The timeline on the below illustrates how the advance payment timetable for FP34C submissions will change for contractors who submit their FP34C through MYS by the 5th of each month from November 2021.

The table below shows the earlier advance payment timetable dates for prescriptions dispensed over the next 12 months. For example, if submission using MYS is secured by the 5th of the month following that in which supply was made contractors will receive an earlier advance payment from November 2021 (starting for October’s prescriptions). For the dispensing month of October 2021, a contractor will be required to submit their FP34C declaration through MYS during the first 5 days of November 2021 to receive an early advance payment on 11 November.

The table also shows final deadline submission to qualify for normal advance:

Dispensing month  Oct-21 Nov-21 Dec-21 Jan-22 Feb-22 Mar-22 Apr-22 May-22 Jun-22 Jul-22 Aug-22 Sep-22
Submission deadline via MYS to receive early advance payment  by 5 Nov 2021 by 5 Dec 2021 by 6 Jan 2022 by 5 Feb 2022 by 5 Mar 2022 by 5 Apr 2022 by 6 May 2022 by 6 Jun 2022 by 5
Jul 2022
by 5 Aug 2022 by 5 Sep 2022 by 5 Oct 2022
Earlier advance payment date (4 working days after submission deadline)*  11-Nov-21 09-Dec-21 12-Jan-22 10-Feb-22 10-Mar-22 11-Apr-22 12-May-22 10-Jun-22 11-Jul-22 11-Aug-22 09-Sep-22 11-Oct-22
Latest submission date to receive an advance payment 23-Nov-21 20-Dec-21 24-Jan-22 21-Feb-22 24-Mar-22 22-Apr-22 24-May-22 24-Jun-22 22-Jul-22 24-Aug-22 23-Sep-22 24-Oct-22
Reconciliation payment date   31-Dec-21 01-Feb-22 01-Mar-22 1st Apr 22 29-Apr-22 01-Jun-22 01-Jul-22 01-Aug-22 01-Sep-22 30-Sep-22 01-Nov-22 01-Dec-22

Further details for contractors are outlined in this PSNC Briefing

Normal payment option

For those contractors who either submit their bundle late through MYS or submit their bundle using the paper FP34C submission document (up until March 2022), the normal advance payment timeline applies.

An estimated 100% of the normal advance payment for prescriptions is made by the NHSBSA for prescriptions submitted one month earlier (dispensed two months earlier). Payments are made on the 1st of each month, where this falls on a weekend or bank holiday payment will be made on the working day prior. The paper FP34C submission document will only be available until March 2022 (for February 2022 prescriptions) after which MYS will be the only route for all monthly submissions. Contractors who continue to use the paper FP34C submission document (from November 2021 to March 2022) will NOT receive any earlier advance payments but instead will receive advance payments in accordance with the current payment timetable i.e on or around the 1st of the month following submission. Therefore, contractors who use paper FP34Cs for their monthly submissions are strongly encouraged to start using the MYS portal to make their declarations.

Normal payment option timeline

Pharmacy Earlier Payment Scheme (PEPS)

The Pharmacy Earlier Payment Scheme (PEPS) gave community pharmacies early access to their monthly advance payment for the provision of NHS pharmaceutical services. The scheme is now in the process of ending, with transition arrangements put in place for existing PEPS contractors.

As part of the transition arrangement, pharmacy contractors who are signed up to the PEPS, will receive a one-off payment on 1 November 2021 to bridge the gap between the current PEPS payment timetable and the new early advance payment timetable outlined above. The one-off payment will be set at 92% of the PEPS pharmacy contractor’s payment which the contractor will  have received on 1 October 2021. This one-off payment received on 1 November will be recovered in equal parts over 11 months, i.e. the last recovery will be on 30 September 2022. The 12-month transition period is intended to help ease any cashflow concerns and offer contractors time to review and discuss refinancing options with their banks or other lenders, if required.

Pharmacy contractors signed up to the PEPS are strongly advised to follow the new earlier timetable for advance payment as set out above to claim for November’s prescriptions by submitting FP34Cs using MYS by 5 December 2021 and by dispatching prescription bundles by 5 December 2021. Failure to do so will result in a gap of one month between payments.
PEPS pharmacy contractors, who wish to opt out from the transition arrangements outlined above, must notify the NHSBSA by 15 October 2021 by emailing

PEPS pharmacy contractors, who choose to opt out of the transition arrangements, should note that they will experience a gap in payment between the last PEPS payment (i.e. made on 1 October 2021 for prescriptions dispensed in October) and the advance payment for prescriptions dispensed in November 2021 paid either on 9 December 2021 (if they follow the new earlier timetable) or 31 December 2021 (if they follow the current payment timetable).

Contingency arrangements for submissions using the MYS portal

In exceptional circumstances, where a contractor through no fault of their own is unable to submit the FP34C form through the MYS portal, contractors are advised to contact the NHSBSA either by emailing or by contacting the MYS helpdesk number (0300 330 1368) between Monday – Friday (excluding bank holidays). Contractors should note that this route is available only for emergencies, which are related directly to the contractor (for e.g. connectivity issues/internet outage in the contractor’s area), and unrelated to the MYS platform itself.

Contractors, who will be using the email route, are advised that they must apply an electronic signature to the email to secure payment. Contractors, using the telephone route, are advised that the NHSBSA will contact the contractor via their preferred email address (provided to NHSBSA during the call), for them to confirm that the claim the NHSBSA noted via the phone call was correct, and the contractor must apply an electronic signature to the confirmation email to secure payment. An electronic signature may include a scanned image of handwritten signature added to the email sent to the NHSBSA. In case of the MYS platform being down, there will be instructions for contractors on the NHSBSA’s website on what to do.

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