Prescription payment and pricing accuracy factsheets

Prescription payment and pricing accuracy factsheets

Prescription submission workshop promoTo improve the efficiency of prescription pricing, the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA), introduced an automated pricing system, known as the Capacity Improvement Programme (CIP) in 2007.

Since the introduction of CIP, PSNC’s auditing function has helped to identify some processing issues which had caused errors in payment for some prescription items. Error correction and system improvement work is ongoing, and both PSNC and the NHSBSA are continuing to scrutinise the system closely.

Below are PSNC’s factsheets to Prescription Payment and Pricing Accuracy, relating to the work carried out by NHSBSA to price prescription bundles.




Prescription Submission This includes information on daily dispensing checks, sorting prescriptions prior to submission, and completing your FP34c submission document. Dispensing and Supply Factsheet: Prescription Submission
Prescription Switching Guidance on why switching occurs and how to prevent it. Dispensing and Supply factsheet: Prescription Switching
Prescription Returns This includes information on how to avoid returns, understanding the codes on returned prescriptions, and resubmitting returned prescriptions. Payment Factsheet 3 – Prescription Returns
Using Your Schedule of Payment to Monitor Performance Guidance on how to check your FP34 Schedule of Payments for changes over time and other ways to identify unusual trends/ potential errors. Dispensing and Supply Factsheet: Using Your Schedule of Payments to Monitor Performance
Prescription Pricing Accuracy This includes information on how prescriptions are processed, PSNC’s pricing audits, and prescription rechecks. Payment Factsheet 5 – Prescription Pricing Accuracy

For more detailed information, you may also wish to visit the Prescription Payment section of our website.

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