NHSBSA information

NHSBSA information

Processing site details

The Pricing Authority has three processing sites based in the North East (Newcastle), North West (Middlebrook / Horwich) and Yorkshire (Wakefield).

Pricing Authority open days

The Pricing Authority will be holding open days for pharmacy staff to visit and find out more about the process for pricing prescriptions. The table below outlines the dates and venues.

There is a choice of a morning or afternoon session, with limited spaces available per session.

To book your place, or if you have any queries:

Telephone: 0191 203 5490 or 0191 203 5237

Email: nhsbsa.open-days@nhs.net


 Date Morning Session Afternoon Session  Location
13th June 18 1.15pm Middlebrook
13th June 18 10.00am Wakefield
14th June 18 1.15pm Newcastle
21st June 18 10.30am Middlebrook
4th July 18 10.30am Middlebrook
12th July 18 10.00am Newcastle
19th July 18 1.15pm Middlebrook
8th August 18 1.15pm Middlebrook
8th August 18 1.30pm Wakefield
9th August 18 1.15pm Newcastle
16th August 18 10.30am Middlebrook
5th Septemeber 18 1.15pm Middlebrook
6th Septemeber 18 10.00am Newcastle
13th September 18 10.30am Middlebrook
10th October 18 10.30am Middlebrook
10th October 18 10.00am Wakefield
18th October 18 1.15pm Middlebrook
18th October 18 1.15pm Newcastle
7th November 18 1.15pm Middlebrook
15th November 18 10.30am Middlebrook
15th November 18 10.00am Newcastle
12th December 18 1.30pm Wakefield

Full open day details available from here.

Additional Evening Sessions

NHS Prescription Services also run evening sessions for those who are unable to attend the open days.


 Date  Evening session  Venue
21st June 18 6.00pm – 8 pm Newcastle
9th July 18 5.30pm – 8 pm Middlebrook
16th August 18 6.00pm – 8 pm Newcastle
17th September 18 5.30pm – 8 pm Middlebrook
10th October 18 6.00pm – 8 pm Newcastle
12th November 18 5.30pm – 8 pm Middlebrook

Further details can be found here.

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