NHSBSA site visit information

NHSBSA site visit information

Processing site details

The NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA)  has three processing sites based in the North West (Middlebrook), North East (Newcastle) and Central (Wakefield).

NHSBSA open days

The NHSBSA hold open days for pharmacy staff to visit and find out more about the process for checking and pricing prescriptions. The tables below provide details of visit dates and venues.

NHSBSA provide a choice of a morning, afternoon or evening sessions, with limited spaces available per session (Newcastle open day limit is 12 people per session. Middlebrook and Wakefield open day limit 10 people per session).

To book your place, or if you have any queries contact:

Telephone: 01204 677901
Email: nhsbsa.nwadm@nhs.net

Telephone: 0191 203 5490 or 0191 203 5237
Email: nhsbsa.open-days@nhs.net

Telephone: 01924 334210
Email: nhsbsa.central.pharmacy-visits@nhs.net

North West – 2020 Open Days

Date Time Location
26/03/2020  10.15am Middlebrook
18/07/2019  1.15pm Middlebrook
15/04/2020  10.15am Middlebrook
23/04/2020 1.15pm Middlebrook
21/05/2020 1.15pm Middlebrook
23/06/2020  10.15am Middlebrook
02/07/2020 1.15pm Middlebrook
09/07/2020 1.15pm Middlebrook
23/09/2020 10.15am Middlebrook
29/09/2020 1.15pm Middlebrook
22/10/2020 10.15am Middlebrook
29/10/2020 1.15pm Middlebrook
19/11/2020 10.15am Middlebrook
12/11/2020 1.15pm Middlebrook

North East – 2020 Open Days

Date Time Location
19/03/2020  10.00am Newcastle
14/04/2020  1.15pm Newcastle
06/05/2020 5.30pm Newcastle
26/05/2020 10.00am Newcastle
18/06/2020  1.15pm Newcastle
16/07/2020 10.00am Newcastle
30/07/2020 1.15pm Newcastle
17/08/2020 5.30pm Newcastle
28/08/2020 10.00am Newcastle
22/09/2020 10.00am Newcastle
15/10/2020 1.15pm Newcastle
26/10/2020 10.00am Newcastle
11/11/2020 5.30pm Newcastle

Central – 2020 Open Days

Date Time Location
09/04/2020 1.30pm Wakefield
10/06/2020 10am Wakefield
12/08/2020 1.30pm Wakefield
07/10/2020 10am Wakefield
09/12/2020 1.30pm Wakefield

Webinar sessions

The NHSBSA also hold webinar sessions for pharmacy teams on a range of topics to keep you informed and answer any questions you may have. Webinar sessions usually last around 30 minutes.

NHSBSA provide guidance on:

  • why prescriptions are switched between exempt and chargeable
  • how and when to endorse prescriptions
  • how to prepare, sort and submit your account and submission document – for either pharmacy FP34C
  • how to complete and submit your FP10MDA forms
  • how to submit your quarterly NMS & MUR data
  • reconciling your Schedule of Payments with the Prescription Item Report

If you would like to learn more and are interested in attending any of these webinars, contact nhsbsa.webinars@nhs.net who will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time.

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