Prescription submission

Prescription submission

This section contains detailed information on sorting and submitting your prescriptions to the Pricing Authority for payment.

Download our factsheet relating to Prescription Submission.

Download our factsheet relating to Red separator submission.

Download our factsheet Claiming for EPS prescriptions on time In this factsheet we explain how to reduce the risk of delays to
payment caused by timing issues with electronic prescriptions.




Sorting Your
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Digitisation of the
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Completing Your
FP34c Submission

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FAQ. Will the Pricing Authority (PA) allow me to amend a prescription after I have already sent it to them for pricing?

A. A paper prescription cannot be amended after the PA has received it for pricing.

However with electronic prescriptions, it may be possible to make a change (such as amending an incorrect endorsement or adjusting the patient exemption category) after the prescription claim message has been sent to the PA. This is subject to the following criteria:

  • your PMR system supplier must have added the functionality required to recall claim messages,
  • it must be before the deadline of the 5th day of the month following that in which supply was made.

After this time the PA’s pricing process will begin and the prescription can no longer be recalled.

If these criteria are met, your PMR system can allow you to recall, correct, and then resend the electronic script to PA.

Some system suppliers began to receive ‘rollout approval’ for the enhancement from winter 2015.

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