Pharmacy Urgent Repeat Medicines (PURM) Service

Useful Crib Sheet to use when preparing to deliver Click Here

NHS England – South (Wessex) has worked collaboratively with the CCGs across Wessex to develop a pharmacy enhanced service for provision of urgent repeat medicines at weekends and on bank holidays. The service is being commissioned to relieve pressure on the urgent and emergency care services and to educate patients so that the need for the service is minimised.

Read the service specification here, questions and answers here,  read the list of medicines that are excluded from the service here.

It is hoped that once you have read the service specification, you will be interested in signing up to provide the service.

Sign up will be via the PharmOutcomes platform here:

If you need help with using PharmOutcomes, please contact their Helpdesk:

Each pharmacy that wishes to provide the service will need to sign up on the platform and make a declaration that they are compliant with essential services and will deliver the service in accordance with the service specification.

Once the pharmacy has signed up, NHS England South (Wessex) will check and accredit the pharmacy providing there are no concerns about compliance with essential services.

When the pharmacy has been accredited, the service will be made available for the pharmacy on PharmOutcomes. Each pharmacist providing the service will need to register and make a declaration that they are familiar with the service specification and the emergency supply regulations which are the basis for supply of medicines under this service. For pharmacies who have locums working at weekends, it is vital that you ensure that locums are informed about the service and are able to provide it.

The service will not go live until 28 October 2016, however once the pharmacy is accredited, you will be able to have a look at the layout on PharmOutcomes to make sure you are familiar before providing the service.

Once the pharmacy is signed up and accredited, they will be sent a phone number that can be used to refer patients back to the GP out of hours service where this is relevant.

If you have any questions, please contact NHS England South (Wessex) and they will be happy to help. Please email or phone 0113 8249810.

There has been an announcement made about an Urgent Medicines Supply pharmacy advanced service pilot. It is proposed that this will start from 1 December 2016, but NHS England South (Wessex) do not yet have the full details of the service. They have decided that the Wessex local service, that has been developed as an enhanced service, will go ahead as planned with the start date of the 28 October 2016. When the details of the new advanced service pilot are published, the group that has developed the Wessex service will look at how the two services fit together and make changes to the local service at a later date if appropriate.