Funding and Statistics

Funding and Statistics

PSNC negotiates funding for the English community pharmacy contractual framework with NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC). NHS England has overall responsibility for the contractual framework and setting the funding envelope. DHSC retains responsibility for medicines supply and pricing.

Information on all aspect of our work on funding can be found by following the following links:

Current arrangements

Information regarding current arrangements.

Historical arrangements

Information regarding previous years settlements and funding arrangements are outlined in this section.

Ongoing funding work of PSNC

This section explains the range of work carried out by PSNC to negotiate and monitor the delivery of community pharmacy funding.

Funding distribution

This section contains information on fee levels and other payments for the various elements of the community pharmacy contract framework.

A-Z of funding topics

If you are searching for information regarding a particular topic you can use this section to find what you are looking for.


This section contains information regarding dispensing and remuneration, the electronic prescription service, links to national government published statistics and more.

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