Community statistics

Community statistics

Community Pharmacy Statistics

The General Pharmaceutical Services in England bulletin contains information and statistics on the number of pharmacies in contract with the NHS, the number of pharmacies in chains, the number of community pharmacies that have opened and closed in the year, information on services provided by Community pharmacies, applications relating to Pharmaceutical Services Regulations and appeals against these applications.

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The Prescriptions Dispensed in the Community bulletin provides a summary of statistics relating to prescriptions dispensed in the community in England and Wales.

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The Prescription Cost Analysis (PCA) shows in detail the number of items, the total net ingredient cost (NIC) and average NIC per prescription for products dispensed in the community in England. This is shown for individual preparations, Chemicals, BNF Paragraphs, BNF Sub-Paragraphs, BNF Chapters, BNF Sections, and as an overall total. The drugs dispensed are listed alphabetically within chemical entity by British National Formulary (BNF) therapeutic class.

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