Controlled Drugs

CD discrepancies

Julie McCann, the CDAO for BGSW Area Team, has prepared this guidance for reporting overs/unders/discrepancies.

Guidance on CD discrepancies July 2014

CD destruction

New system if you work in a pharmacy which is part of a group of five pharmacies or less: 

When you send a message to requesting CD Destruction, you will now be sent a form to request temporary authorisation of a local witness. This form will ask for details of the drugs you want to destroy, the person who will carry out the destruction and the person who will act as witness. Once happy with the information provided, you will be given permission to carry out the process locally within a 2 week window.

If you work in a group of more than five pharmacies, please continue with the existing process using your internal authorised witness.

NHS England South Central CD Authorised Witness Procedure

NHS England South Central CD destruction request pre-request checklist

NHS England South Central CD destruction application form