Covid-19 -Testing Primary Care

Test and Trace Risk Assessment and Business Continuity Plan 

If a member of community pharmacy staff is tested positive they will fall into a Tier 1 category and will be contacted by a PHE Health Protection consultant for a discussion. The consultant will discuss what actions have been taken to minimise risk to the contacts in the pharmacy, and will advise if isolation of other staff is necessary depending on action taken in the pharmacy.

We would therefore suggest that all pharmacies undertake an additional risk assessment of your processes (if not already done so) and put in place procedures that minimise potential viral transmission routes. We suggest you do this as soon as you can.

With robust infection control procedures in place, the risk of having to isolate multiple staff members is massively reduced.

we have produced a template risk assessment form that you can use if you like.
Examples of points of risk and infection control procedures are also included in the document, but you will need to assess and document your own processes.

We would also suggest that you review your business continuity plans if not already done so (this form could be used as an annex to your plan to save work) and consider the actions you would take if one or more members of your team needed to isolate.

Supplementary form for business continuity plan following the introduction of National Test and Trace programme EXAMPLE



Covid 19 Testing – Gloucester

Testing is for staff who are isolating because they are symptomatic or a household member is symptomatic- and is to determine if they have Covid-19 or not, so that if test is negative they can get back to work quickly.

Testing Criteria:
• A member of staff with Covid-19 symptoms
• Or an individual (adult or child) with Covid-19 symptoms living in the same household as a staff member
Suitability for testing:
• Staff isolating due to having suspected symptoms themselves or the household member
• Within the first 3 days from onset of symptoms but up to day 5 for those on 14 day isolation pathway – No tests will be offered beyond 5 days from onset of symptoms
• Well enough to attend the testing centre in Brockworth, Gloucester.
• Completed the NHS111 Tool to confirm they have relevant symptoms. (High Temp – Hot to touch on chest or back, a new continuous cough) (if you are triaged by phone and advised you do not need a test because you do not have corona symptoms, but then your symptoms change you can be re-referred by submitting your details again).
Referral Process:
• All details to be completed in the table and sent to LPC

(staff member and/or name of first symptomatic person in household)
DOB Contact No (please provide mobile and landline if possible) Email Pharmacy Date of onset of symptoms Symptoms




• A member of the COVID testing team will contact staff member/household member, inform them of process and will book a time to attend drive through Hub for testing. This will be from a WITHELD NUMBER, please answer the call!! They will try calling 3 times in 48 hrs.
• Results will be given to patient up to 72 hours after testing.
• Staff should inform their line manager of the results.

Sam 07895 731 973 
Becky 07504 550 722