Dispensary management

Waste collection

The waste contractor used by pharmacies effective 1st March 2015 will be Tradebe and their contact number is 0117 980 2990.  This service is managed by Gloucestershire Care Services.  If you have any issues with this service contact Mark Parsons (0300 421 8273) mark.parsons@glos-care.nhs.uk.  See full notice.   

Business continuity

The EPS tracker now has a ‘Business Continuity Mode’ – functionality which can be used if a pharmacy has to move site because of fire, flood or other emergency and does not have access to their usual computer/network. More information is able to download below:

Fax Scripts Guidance

Faxed scripts have been a challenge over the years, operating without a consistent approach or any real consideration to legislation. The LPC and LMC have been working together with the OOH services to agree a faxing policy which will satisfy both governance and best practice. As always, faxed scripts should not replace the requirement for a valid script at the time of dispensing, however clearly they can be helpful in emergencies and OOH situations. This is an opportunity to revisit your pharmacy operating procedure for receiving faxed scripts and dealing with emergency supply requests. Fax Script Briefing and Algorthm (March 2013)

Exception reporting

BGSW Area Team have a simple exception reporting form (revised) for a pharmacy to notify us when they are unable to open.  It helps us to notify patients when necessary if there may be access problems and keep an eye on things for contract monitoring purposes.


NHS Protect leads on work to identify and tackle crime across the health service. The aim is to protect NHS staff and resources from activities that would otherwise undermine their effectiveness and their ability to meet the needs of patients and professionals. Ultimately, this helps to ensure the proper use of valuable NHS resources and a safer, more secure environment in which to deliver and receive care.

Report NHS fraud securely and confidentially by using NHS Protect’s online reporting tool or by calling our free phone line on 0800 028 40 60.

Click here to report online

NHS stationery

PCSE have launched a new online portal which will provide all primary care contractors with a quick and easy way for ordering and tracking supplies from PCSE, including secure and non-secure NHS stationery, pre-printed forms, EPS tokens and delivery of the hard copy drug tariff.

Over time, the portal will also become the main route for accessing additional primary care support services, including payments, pharmacy market entry and performer list  applications.  
PCSE made the portal available to all contractors from 29 March 2016.  All ordering should now be done through the online portal. A letter/leaflets were sent to all pharmacies  nationally w/c 22nd February, to initiate the process for registering on the portal.

More information, and a link to the portal, can be found at http://pcse.england.nhs.uk/supplies/. Your pharmacy should already have received details on what you need to do to register on the portal. If you have not received this information, please see the PCSE help section.