Electronic Prescription Service

Latest and upcoming developments

The HSCIC web site has up to date statistics, a deployment map and planned GP go lives.

New information about the EPS Release 2 Phase 4 Pilots
It has been confirmed that none of the EPS Phase 4 Pilot sites are in our area.

Latest Pharmacy bulletin for community pharmacy, dispensing doctors and dispensing appliance contractors contains information on:

  • New SCR registration process
  • One billion EPS prescriptions
  • CIS Identity Agent – urgent action
  • Use the EPS tracker
  • Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD)

EPS Prescription Tracker

EPS Tracker – a guide by Charlie Wu

Prescription tracker factsheet

Prescription tracker presentation [MS PowerPoint]

EPS Prescription Tracker factsheet for pharmacy staff (July 2015 from HSCIC)

E-RD information

NHS England has recently published this Repeat Dispensing Guidance.  It sets the scene well and answers many of the questions that were raised at the 2015 workshops.
The link to it is at:   http://www.england.nhs.uk/ourwork/tsd/sst/erd-guidance/