NHS standard contract ‘leads’

Regarding all the “leads” listed on the NHS Standard Contract form for the CCG:

  • ‘Caldicott Guardian’ is related to Information Governance, so should be covered in any IG training you have done.
  • ‘Safeguarding and Sexual Exploitation’ is covered in the CPPE packs – however if you want to look at more local detail see http://www.swindonlscb.org.uk/Pages/Home.aspx
  • ‘Mental Capacity’ is usually covered in anything to do with Adult Safeguarding – hopefully the CPPE safeguarding training covers this.
    (Basically mental capacity should be assumed in any adult (over age 16) and embodies your right as an adult to make unwise choices. Mental capacity is not an absolute – it depends on each individual decision (e.g. a person with dementia may no longer have the capacity to manage their bank account, but they may have the capacity to decide whether they want to take painkiller/sleeping tablets or not).
  • ‘Freedom to Speak’ is about whistleblowing – NHS England has recently published a guide to this: https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/whistleblowing-guidance.pdf