Summary Care Records

Using SCR for Emergency Supplies (URMS/NUMSAS and private)

Q. Does the pharmacy need to be SCR enabled to provide this service?
No. However, the patient’s SCR can be a useful decision making aid to check a patient’s previous prescription history and whether a prescription for the urgently requested medicine or appliance has recently been issued by the patient’s GP. PSNC recommends that all pharmacy contractors should ensure they have access to the SCR.

Q. Does verbal consent to check the patient’s SCR over the telephone meet the consent requirements for accessing SCR?

PSNC guidance about consent

Q. How does a pharmacist become SCR enabled?

If not enabled at all for SCR – complete the CPPE training course. Once you have completed the SCR CPPE e-assessment, you can tick the box under the ‘SCR assessment registration process’ heading in your profile on the My CPPE section of the website. This will allow the RA to see that you have passed the assessment and then allow you access to SCRs on your Smartcard.

Contact the Smartcard Sponsor for the pharmacy (pharmacies) you are working in, and ask them to request the SCR role is added at that location by the local Smartcard team ( Smartcards will be updated for you by the Smartcard Office, following confirmation that you have completed the online training.

Q. Will a supply of a medicine or appliance made to a patient through NUMSAS, show on their Summary Care Record (SCR)?

Any emergency supply made will only appear on the Summary Care Record if and when the patient’s GP loads relevant information about your supply onto their system as an “item prescribed elsewhere”.


If you are looking for more general information on SCR, please visit the dedicated pages on the PSNC web site.