Opportunity: Mary Seacole Leadership Programme

Opportunity: Mary Seacole Leadership Programme

May 1, 2018

I would like to encourage Community Pharmacists locally to apply for the Bristol cohort of the Mary Seacole Leadership Programme. I am about halfway through this now and would highly recommend it. It is hard work, but it really helps your understanding of the NHS, and our part in developing improved patient care

Cohort 17 – Bristol

Cohort start date and online access: 23 August 2018

Workshop 1: 20 September 2018

Workshop 2: 20 November 2018

Workshop 3: 17 January 2019

Programme end: 23 February 2019

Closing date for applications: 12 July 2018

There are 12 online modules – with a mixture of video lectures, background reading and exercises to challenge how you think and carry out your job. There are 3 full day events which you must attend. These allow you time to explore the ideas you are learning about with peers and colleagues.

Assessment is through an essay at the end, exploring what you have learnt. You must also participate in online discussion forums to confirm that you are thinking about and applying what you are learning to your own individual situation.

Registration is through the CPPE website.


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