POL (Prescription Ordering Line)

GCCG Letter to Pharmacies July 2017

“Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (GCCG) has launched a new service for patients, practices and Community Pharmacies this month – the Prescription Ordering Line (POL) – the purpose is to relieve some of the administrative burden in both practices and Community Pharmacies in processing repeat prescriptions.

“Patients can now phone a dedicated phone line on 0300 421 1215 to order their repeat prescriptions. This connects to a new team based at Sanger House, who will process the request in the practice’s own clinical system, for GP approval and transmission via EPS to the patient’s nominated Community Pharmacy. If the patient doesn’t already have a nominated Community Pharmacy, the team at Sanger House can do this for them.

“NHS Coventry & Rugby CCG originally devised the model in 2015, and have been proud to showcase their success over the last 18 months. Patients report being very pleased with the level of personal service; and practices and Community Pharmacies are happy with the reduction of administrative processes associated with paper scripts. The process also helps avoid the risk of wasted medicines.

Rosebank Health in Gloucester are the first practice to sign up to the service; with others across Gloucester now set to join the second wave. Assuming all goes to plan, the service will then be rolled out across Gloucestershire. “