HLP information and resources

Pharmacies already accredited as HLP Level 1

Currently, only pharmacies that have not previously been accredited as HLPs locally, for example, through their local authority, are able to register as a HLP Level 1.

PSNC has asked NHS England to consider a ‘grandparenting’ approach for pharmacies that have achieved HLP Level 1 status within the last two years, in order that their prior accreditation would enable them to automatically meet the requirements of the Quality Payment criterion. This is still being considered by NHS England; further information on this matter will be published as soon as it become available.

Pharmacies working towards HLP level 1

PSNC has prepared  a suite of resources including a Flow Chart, Checklist and Portfolio Workbook available from the HLP page of their web site under ‘How to become a HLP level 1’.

HLP is about more than ticking boxes to achieve accreditation. It is about having

  • an engaged team delivering national and local pharmacy services to the very best standard
  • being part of our local communities
  • being seen to be part of local public health pathways


What “good” HLP looks like to local commissioners

Minor Ailments scheme reliably available from Community Pharmacy

  • especially following referral from GP Practice or NHS111

URMS scheme reliably available from Community Pharmacies

  • especially at weekends
  • especially following referral from NHS111

EHC reliably available during all opening hours

Pharmacy as a major player in delivering Smoking Quits

Onward referral for lifestyle support


Local and national evidence sources for HLP assessment criteria


Evidence suggested in PHE Assessment Document

Where to find it

Public Health Needs

“Introduction to Public Health CPPE Module”

Available to registered pharmacists and technicians at www.cppe.ac.uk from Feb 2016



Health Profiles

Pharmacy events or campaigns


Health and Wellbeing Ethos

RSPH Level 2 Award

Local Health and Wellbeing training

Team Leadership


HLP Action Plan