HLP Training

Leadership Training

Consider training through CPPE– Healthy Living Pharmacy Leadership (

‘Healthy Living Pharmacy – preparing for self assessment’ is an e-course from CPPE starting 11th September 2017.

HLP Champion Training

RSPH Level 2 Understanding Health Improvement Healthy Living Champion training
It is recommended that two members of pharmacy staff are trained to this RSPH level in order to allow for practical staffing issues such as leave, sickness, etc.

Private training companies

There are a number of organisations that provide HLP training for pharmacy staff and those that PSNC has been made aware of are listed below for information (listing on this website does not constitute endorsement of the course or provider by PSNC):

Buttercups Training Ltd

Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education

Metaphor Development

National Pharmacy Association


Pharmacy Complete

Further resources and training for HLP Framework Criteria

Training and information modules for HLP

Cancer Research UK’s ‘Talk Cancer’ – cancer awareness training online course available