Quality payments – tracking your progress

PSNC has published a number of resources to explain how the Quality Payments scheme will work and to assist community pharmacy contractors to engage successfully with it.


Suggested plan for contractors to follow
Contractors and their teams will need to decide how to approach achieving the gateway and quality criteria in a way that works for them; there will be no ‘one size fits all approach’, but this plan (which is also detailed in PSNC Briefing 067/16) is one suggested approach which contractors may want to consider adopting.

Safeguarding record sheet
Contractors can choose to use this record sheet to keep a record of their pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, that have undertaken level 2 safeguarding training.

Dementia friends record sheet
Contractors can choose to use this record sheet to keep a record of their staff members and temporary staff, such as locums, that have become Dementia Friends.

PharmOutcomes tools

Tools and templates recently developed include:

1.      Quality Payments Framework
Pharmacy teams will find the framework under the “Assessments” tab.The framework has been constructed in close collaboration with PSNC. Its use allows contractors to record their progress towards the achievement of the “Gateway Criteria” and each “Quality Criterion”. Embedded clickable links allow easy access to PSNC information to support completion.

2.      Asthma Quality criterion referral tool
Contractors will find the Asthma Quality Criterion reporting tool under the “Services” tab of PharmOutcomes under the orange heading “Provide Services”. Developed to support the “Clinical Effectiveness” quality criterion, this simple template supports the secure referral of appropriate patients to their GP when identified as using short acting bronchodilators long term without the benefit of an inhaled corticosteroid. Simply completing the template and saving the data will auto send a GP notification in the same way as flu notifications are generated. Contractors also benefit from an audit report summarising their activity in this clinical area and allowing them to evidence meeting the Quality Payment criterion.

3.      Healthy Living Pharmacy Framework
The new framework matches the recently released national guidelines and supports the entry of evidence and activity to demonstrate compliance with each standard. Pharmacy teams can record compliance and also evidence of compliance. Available from the “Assessments” tab, the HLP Framework allows contractors to keep a record of progress towards achieving the HLP quality mark.