Guide for community pharmacies using NHSmail (2018):

The purpose of this document is to provide Community Pharmacies with guidance on:

  • how to register for NHSmail in order to qualify for the Community Pharmacy Contractual framework Quality Payments Scheme and the NHS Urgent Medicines Supply Advanced Service (NUMSAS)
  • how to get started using NHSmail
  • what to do if you experience any issues with NHSmail.

Current process

NHSmail Local Administrator Guide

If a pharmacy is already set up with nhs.net shared email box, but need to get someone new a personal nhs.net email address to be added, then they should contact Sharon Hodges for the relevant application form.

Shared email accounts for each pharmacy are designed to allow access by multiple users accounts to ensure that Information Governance (IG) protocols are not breached.  Sharing passwords is a clear breach of IG, so setting up individual user accounts which are accessed by multiple people by sharing login details and passwords is not permitted.

 Users of the NHS Mail service should also bear in mind the restrictions on use for commercial advertising purposes, and accounts set up should not, be used to advertise job vacancies, offer commercial opportunities, or advertise the services of a pharmacy. 

 Any accounts that are found to have been set up inappropriately, or which are operating in contravention of the Acceptable User Policy (AUP) declaration will be suspended and removed by NHS Digital as and when they are identified.


Please see this downloadable guide, focused on attaining NHS.NET email addresses for NUMSAS purposes.

NUMSAS Quick Guide



Emails between “@gloucestershire.gov.uk” and “@nhs.net” are now fully secure and therefore you no longer need to use egress for emails between these two addresses.” This means it is OK to send patient identifiable information to a gloucestershire.gov.uk email address from an nhs.net email address (if is appropriate to share the information with the recipient).

Further information on NHSmail can be found at: psnc.org.uk/nhsmail

Further information on the Quality Payments Scheme can be found at: psnc.org.uk/quality