Commissioned Services

‘This pharmacy provides’ service poster updated January 2016. Please print, complete and display in your dispensary.

Further information on available services are listed below.

 Service name  Description

Access to Emergency Medicines (Palliative Care)


Certain pharmacies supply palliative care and specialist medicines, the demand for which may be urgent and/or unpredictable.  These pharmacies stock a locally agreed range of palliative care/emergency medicines, and will provide information and advice to the user, carer and clinician. They may also refer to specialist centres, support groups or other health and social care professionals where appropriate.

Access to Emergency Medicines – call out

A number of pharmacists’ home numbers are kept on file to provide access to medicines including the above specialist list, even when the pharmacy is closed.

Access to medicines – ROTA

Pharmacies in Gloucestershire take it in turns to provide guaranteed access to prescription medicines and advice at set times during the weekend and bank holidays. They are listed in the local press.

Sexual Health – Level 2 Service

Certain pharmacies can supply Emergency Hormonal Contraception (the morning after pill) and Chlamydia treatment.

Sharps Patients on e.g. insulin can return used needles in yellow sharp bins to most pharmacies for safe disposal.
Sexual Health – C-Card

Certain pharmacies can supply condoms for free to registered users under the C-Card Scheme.

Not Dispensed Scheme Patients are asked whether all medicine items are required before dispensing to avoid waste.

A pharmacist supervises the consumption of prescribed medicines at the point of dispensing in the pharmacy, ensuring that the dose has been administered to the patient.

Needle Exchange

Pharmacies provide access to sterile needles and syringes, and sharps containers for return of used equipment. .

Smoking Cessation

Pharmacists and trained staff provide a supported 12 week quit programme. NHS exemptions apply.

Nicotine Replacment Thearpy

Pharmacists dispense Nicotine Replacement Therapies against vouchers written by Stop Smoking Advisers.

Urgent Repeat Medicines Service

The service authorises community pharmacists to supply urgent repeat medicines to patients who have run out of their medicines and cannot get a prescription because the surgery is closed. Patients will be asked to attend the pharmacy rather than OOH.

Minor Ailments Service This allows access to medicines under the advice of the pharmacist, covering coughs, acute pain, constipation and other ailments. NHS exemptions apply.
Just In Case boxes This service is commissioned throughout Gloucestershire. GP prescribe a JICB FP10 for the Pharmacy to dispense palliative care meds in a sealed box or bag. 
BP Monitoring Service This service is commissioned by Public Health and funded by the British Heart Foundation. The service is limited to Pharmacies within Gloucester City.


For your information: Community Pharmacy NHS Local Enhanced Service Payment Tariffs Gloucestershire 2014-2015