Needle Exchange

Service Level Agreement:

CGL Needle Exchange Specification – FINAL.c_UPDATED 2019-20

CGL Supervised Consumption Specification FINAL.c_UPDATED 2019-20

Useful documents:

Copy of Gloucester Providers update 2020

CGL Gloucester Needle Exchange Pack Order Form

Needle Exchange record form (Revised December 2017). Use this to record a day’s worth of Needle Exchange transactions for later input into PharmOutcomes. If using the Nx Record table, an entry must still be made for each transaction.


The lead pharmacist or registered technician must have completed the CPPE Declaration of Competence for NSP (needle and syringe programme) and the associated assessments/learning.

Appropriate training to be provided to pharmacy support staff involved in delivery of the scheme. The content of the training will need to be agreed with drug treatment commissioners.

CPPE certificates or equivalent must be provided to commissioners on request.