Smoking Cessation

Service Level Agreement/Patient Group Direction:

Pharmacy Smoking Cessation Service Specification 2021


All non-pharmacist Stop Smoking Advisers (and non accredited pharmacists) must be trained by attending the smoking cessation training provided by Healthy Lifestyles Team at Eastgate House, Gloucester. Please check events for future training dates or contact :

Smoking Advisors will be expected to attend a ‘Update’ session every year.

The accredited pharmacist adviser will have successfully completed either the CPPE smoking cessation course (part 1/ part 2) or the NCSCT stage 1 online training programme.

Accredited pharmacists who want to provide NRT to pregnant women can do this under the Patient Group Direction.


CPPE and/or NCSCT certificates must be forwarded to NHSG prior to starting the service.

The pharmacist will be required to sign to confirm that they have read and understood the PGD for NRT and this SLA including appendices, in order to provide support to the ‘in-house’ adviser/s, and provide NRT under a Patient Group Direction (PGD) where appropriate to pregnant women.