Urgent Repeat Medicines Service

Scheme number 10, commissioned by NHS England.

NHS Contract:

Pharmacy Contract for CCG co-commissioned services

Service Level Agreement/Patient Group Direction:

Appendix-8-Urgent-Referral-from-Community-Pharmacy (1)

URMS 2019-2020 Service Spec FINAL

URMS 2019-2020 SLA FINAL



URMS PGD Feb 2019 SIGNED vs 2.2

Useful documents:

CCG Live – full details of the service and the list of original active pharmacies


Proforma (.docx) or Proforma (.pdf)

This should be completed fully for each person and managed on PharmOutcomes for claims and a copy sent to patient’s GP. 

Referral form

URM Providers as of 31.03.2015

NICE have produced a guideline which provides good practice recommendations for individual people and organisations involved with PGDs, with the aim of ensuring patients receive safe and appropriate care and timely access to medicines, in line with legislation. The Guideline MPG2 and resources which include competencies are accessible via the link : http://www.nice.org.uk/mpc/medicinespracticeguidelines/MPG2.jsp


The pharmacy contractor has a duty to ensure that pharmacists and staff involved in the provision of the service have relevant knowledge and are appropriately trained in the operation of the service.

Pharmacists must complete the CPPE pack on Patient Group Directions if not already experienced with working to PGD (ideally within one month).

Pharmacists unfamiliar with PGDs should read the following National Prescribing Centre briefing http://www.npc.nhs.uk/non_medical/resources/patient_group_directions.pdf

If you do not have the medication required by the patient, please telephone the nearest open pharmacy providing this URM service to check availability. The patient should be directed to that pharmacy and NOT to OOH.

Supply requests which fall outside the PGD should be Referral to OOH – the pharmacist should contact OOH using the professional number provided. We request that you make a record of this referral.