Committee & Staff Members

The committee represents community pharmacy across nine boroughs of Greater Manchester. It meets regularly and is Greater Manchester LPC’s formal decision-making body. We also have a small team of staff including a chief executive officer.

Committee members and chief executive

This organisation chart has details of our committee members and chief executive, including committee roles and sub-committee membership.

Our committee members are:

  • Aneet Kapoor, Chair (Ind)
  • Ifti Khan, Vice-Chair (CCA)
  • Bruce Prentice, Treasurer (Ind)
  • Mubasher Ali (CCA)
  • Waqas Ali (CCA)
  • Mohammed Anwar (Ind)
  • Peter Marks (AIMp)
  • Fin Mc Caul (Ind)
  • Mohamed Patel (Ind)
  • Sarah Simpson (AIMp)
  • Helen Smith (CCA)
  • Jennie Watson (CCA)
  • Jonathan Whiting (CCA)

Office team:

  • Adam Irvine, Chief Executive
  • Claire Dickens, Operations & Development Manager / Deputy Chief Executive
  • Lisa Mather, Business Support Manager
  • Dipesh Raghwani, Clinical Lead (part-time)
  • Helen Reed, Business Support Officer (Wed & Fri)
  • Emer Scott, Communications & Engagement Lead (Wed, Thu, Fri)
  • Rikki Smeeton, Commissioned Services Manager