Committee & Staff Members

The committee represents community pharmacy across nine boroughs of Greater Manchester. It meets regularly and is Greater Manchester LPC’s formal decision-making body. We also have a small team of staff including a chief executive officer.

Committee members and chief executive

This organisation chart has full details of our committee members and chief executive, including brief bios and contact details.

Picture showing GMLPC committee members and chief executive

Office team:

  • Adam Irvine, Chief Executive
  • Claire Dickens, Operations & Development Manager / Deputy Chief Executive
  • Lisa Mather, Business Support Officer
  • Dipesh Raghwani, Clinical Lead (part-time)
  • Helen Reed, Business Support Officer (Wed & Fri)
  • Emer Scott, Communications & Engagement Lead (Wed, Thu, Fri)
  • Rikki Smeeton, Commissioned Services Manager
  • Reece Smith, Administration Officer